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    Magnum Opus System Corp.
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    About Us
    Magnum Opus Crop. Wo We Are!

    Behind Magnum Opus stands a team of seasoned professionals with combined experience of over 200 years in software development and 25 years serving the Home Furnishing Industry.

    For a long time we had felt there was a need for software that adequately and professionally served the Home Furnishing Industry. It was obvious that existing software was insufficient and outdated. Improvements were long overdue. Finally, at the end of 1999, with the enthusiastic backing and encouragement of key executives in the Home Furnishing Industry, we started work on the design and architecture of SPARS US.

    In 2000 we gathered together a formal team of System Architect, Project Manager, Product Manager, Developers, Database Designers, Business Analysts, & Report Writers. Then we rolled up our sleeves and got to work. Many a night was spent in the development center or rug warehouses catching a quick nap on a pile of rugs. We worked with dedication, single-mindedness and determination. Then, with the full cooperation and support of our clients and upon completion of a full development cycle, on July 1, 2002 SPARS US was born.

    Rugs Industry Software Solutions
    software development and 25 years serving the Home Furnishing Industry.
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